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Welcome to Wesco Forensic Services, your premier destination for cutting-edge Forensic Science solutions. With a commitment to precision, integrity, and ethical standards, we specialize in unraveling mysteries, solving crimes, and providing expert testimony.

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Combined Years Of Forensic Services

Professional Forensic and Private Investigation Services

Wesco Forensic Services has amassed a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of excellence.


Forensic Science is the systematic application of scientific principles and techniques to analyze evidence, helping to unravel complex mysteries and solve crimes with scientific rigor.


Continuous research and development in Forensic Science drive innovation, improve investigative methods, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of Forensic Services, ultimately enhancing our ability to uncover the truth.

Law gave us Crime, Science gave us Forensics, and Research gave us Hope.

Wesco Forensic Services is your trusted partner in Forensic Science.  With a combined experience of over 100 years as experts, we specialize in solving complex crimes, evaluating crime scenes and providing expert Forensic analysis. 

Our mission is clear: Uncovering Truth through Forensic Expertise. Choose Wesco and let us help you find answers and deliver justice.

professional forensic services

At Wesco Forensic Services, we offer a wide range of Forensic solutions to assist you in getting the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

Forensic Evidence Identification

Analyzing evidence like firearms, tool marks, physical matches, tyre treads, and stock theft branding marks.

Forensic Human Identification

Utilizing methods like DNA profiling, blood pattern analysis, fingerprinting, footprints, polygraph tests, and document examination.

Digital Forensics

Specialized field of investigating electronically stored data for legal purposes. Electronic evidence plays a critical role in criminal investigations.

External Training

Providing education in Forensic Science, crime scene analysis, and firearms examination.

Additional Forensic Investigations

Offering specialized services like pre-employment screening, fraud investigation, missing persons tracing, VIP protection, and more.

Wesco's Code Ethical Conduct

Wesco’s Code of Ethical Conduct ensures that all their examinations, findings, and reports are based on sound scientific principles within the scope of qualifications and expertise, with full, fair, and unbiased assurance of an independent, impartial, and objective conclusion.

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Forensics and Science

Where Investigation Meets Discovery. At Wesco Forensic Services, we merge the precision of science with the art of investigation to uncover truth.

// Research

Forensics and Research

Continuous research and development in Forensic Science drive innovation, improve investigative methods.

Professional Affiliations & Certifications

  • Registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa.  Grade A Certified, Certificate Number: 4788941.
  • Completed Firearm Proficiency Certificate in the fields of Law, Military Science and Security, to handle all SAQA Title Firearms for Business purposes and found competent to handle SAQA Titles in handguns (SAQA ID 119649), self loading rifles or carbines (SAQA  ID 119650), manually operated, self loading rifles or carbines (SAQA ID 119651) and shotguns (SAQA ID 119652) with Certificate Number : 299/ 2012.
  • Court Certified Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners and Crime Scene Investigators, South African Police Service Forensic Science Laboratory (SAPS).
  • Court Certified Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners, and Crime Scene Investigators.
  • Court Certified Experts in different fields of Forensic Science.
  • Registered freelance Firearm and Tool Mark Consultants and Crime Scene Investigators.
  • Certified (IBIS) Integrated Ballistic Identification System Operators, South Africa & USA.
  • Certified in Firearm related Forensic Chemical Investigations, South Africa.
  • Internal Forensic Auditor, South Africa.

Servamus safety & Security Magazine

Dive into the world of forensic science with Wesco Forensic Services. Our seasoned experts, with over 100 years of combined experience, are committed to uncovering the truth and delivering justice.

Wesco Forensic Services is a proud member of Servamus Safety and Security Magazine.

Local and International experienced gained

• South African Police Service Forensic Science Laboratories and the Local Criminal Record Center.
• United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Interior Forensic Science Laboratory.
• International Criminal Investigative Assistance Training Program Affiliated with the US Department of Justice, Washington DC / Forensic Consultant and sanctioned to the Forearm and Tool Mark Section of the Forensic Science Laboratory based in Pristina, Kosovo, Balkans.
• Oakland County Forensic Science Crime Laboratory, Michigan, USA.
• Forensic Science Laboratory, Pierre, South Dakota, USA
• Forensic Science Laboratory, Mahé, Seychelles.

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Forensic Services from Wesco

At Wesco Forensic Services, we’re here to help with all your Forensic needs. Our team of experts has over 100 years of combined experience in different areas like studying guns, analyzing marks on objects, and using science to solve crimes

Forensic Evidence Identification

Wesco Forensic Services offers a variety of evidence identification services, including firearm analysis, tool mark comparisons, physical matches, tyre tread impression analysis, and stock theft investigation. These services help in solving crimes, linking evidence, and providing valuable insights for legal proceedings.

Forensic Human Identification

Wesco Forensic Services specializes in Forensic Human Identification, employing techniques such as DNA profiling, bloodstain pattern analysis, fingerprinting, footprint impressions, polygraph examination, and question document examination services to identify individuals from various traces. These methods provide essential Forensic insights and evidence for investigative purposes.

Digital Forensic Services

Focuses on identifying, acquiring, processing, analyzing, and reporting on data stored electronically. Electronic evidence is a component of almost all criminal activities, and digital Forensics support is crucial for law enforcement investigations. Electronic evidence can be collected from a wide array of sources, such as computers, smartphones, remote storage, unmanned aerial systems, shipborne equipment, and more. 

External Training

Wesco focuses on individuals who are aspiring to learn more about Forensic Science or who wish to become crime scene analysts, or those aspiring to work in the private sector.

Additional Forensic Investigation services

Pre-employment screening, corporate fraud, theft and espionage investigations, debugging and sweeping of phones and premises, tracing of missing persons and tracking of vehicles, VIP protection and body-guarding, murder case investigations, covert cameras, and debt collection.

Frequently asked Questions

Forensic Firearm Analysis is the process of reconstructing the shooting scene and the examination of the characteristics of firearms, fired projectiles and cartridges left behind at a crime scene. 

Tool mark comparisons are defined as the impression left by the contact of a tool (or a similar object) onto a surface. When the tool or object contacts the surface with sufficient force to create an indentation, the pattern of the tool is permanently reproduced onto that surface.

Examples of Physical matches are pieces of broken glass, torn paper tape or clothing, or any other object that can be broken forcibly into parts.

It records and analyzes impressions of vehicle Tyre treads for use in legal proceedings to help prove the identities of specific vehicles at a crime scene.

Identification include but are not limited to: ear tags, ear notches, back tags, neck chains, tail tags, freeze brands, hot-iron brands, tattoos, paint marks, leg bands and electronic identification (e.g., electronic ear tags, microchips and electronic collars).

DNA profiling involves obtaining a specific DNA pattern, or profile, from body tissues.  Forensic Scientist compare DNA found at a crime scene to DNA samples taken from suspects to assess their likelikhood of involvement in the crime.

Bloodstain pattern analysis is crucial in Forensic Science as it reconstructs bloodshed events by examing the size, shape and distribution patterns of bloodstains at crime scenes, providing important Forensic information about the crime under investigation.

Fingerprint Investigation is an evaluative method of finger, palm, or foot friction ridge identification based on scientific principles and procedures that have been established and verified through years of research.

Shoe prints are the impressions or image left behind by a person walking or running.   Impressions are evidence that are made by a suspect’s shoe at a scene of crime (It may be two or three dimensional). Footwear may also contain other material (trace evidence such as blood, soil ext.) that may also link a suspect to a scene of crime. A suspects DNA links him to the footwear.

Polygraph examinations, commonly known as lie detector tests, are used to verify a person’s truthfulness by recording physiological responses to questions.  These responses, such as changes in blood pressure and breathing help determine whether someone is telling the truth or lying.


A Question Document investigation is an in-debth look into a document that is being questioned in the case of fraud, forgery, etc.

Digital Forensics involves investigating electronically stored data for legal purposes.  It is vital because electronic evidence plays a critical role in criminal investigations, civil litigation, and cybersecurity, helping uncover digital evidence and providing insights for legal proceedings.

Wesco offers external training programs for individuals aspiring to work in Forensic Science, crime scene analysis, or the private sector.  These programs cover specialized evidence presentation, crime scene reconstruction, and firearms examination, providing valuable education and training opportunities.

Certification Courses We Offer in The Form of A Workshop

Studying or empowering individuals in forensic science equips them with the skills needed to contribute to legal processes and ensures the integrity and fairness of the justice system.  

These courses can be conducted on the premises of the specific company & organization at a mutually agreed-upon date.

Pricing will depend on the number of participants (not less than 10 at once). Certificates will be issued to members who attend workshops.

The following topics will be applicable for the courses :

  • History and development of Ballistic Evidence.
  • Demonstrating and Understanding of Firearms in the Field of Forensic Firearm Examination.
  • Demonstrating and Understanding of Forensic Ballistics Examination Techniques.
  • Demonstrating and Understanding of Tool Mark Analysis.
  • Role of Ammunition in the Field of Forensic Firearm Examination.
  • Understanding Terminal and Wound Ballistics.
  • Assimilation and Presentation of Specialized Evidence in a Court of Law.
  • Introduction to Crime Scene management and how to control securely and protect a crime scene.
  • Documentation of crime scenes and chain of custody evidence.
  • Documenting and Scientific processing and collection of evidence on a crime scene.
  • Crime Scene management 1st responder.
  • Reconstruction of a Crime Scene.
  • Photographing of a Crime scene.
  • Searching and Identification Techniques.
  • Delivering of evidence in court.
  • Other Impressions found on a Crime Scene.
  • Introduction to Fingerprints.
  • History behind Identification of Fingerprints.
  • Classification of Fingerprints.
  • Identifying various fingerprint patterns.
  • Latent Fingerprint Development and Processing.
  • Fingerprint Capturing.
  • Lifting fingerprints from various objects.
  • Transplantation, Forgery and Age of Fingerprints.
  • Demonstrating and Understanding the Field of Forensic Questioned Document Examinations.
  • Demonstrating and Understanding the Evidential Value of Forensic Questioned Documents Evidence.

On-Line basic Forensic science Certification Course

Register now for a 2 Day online basic forensic science course and come out of it with a certification!

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At Wesco Forensic Services, we are dedicated to providing expert forensic solutions to support the criminal justice system. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team specializes in various forensic disciplines, including firearm analysis, tool mark comparisons, DNA profiling, bloodstain pattern analysis, fingerprinting, and digital forensics

The Team

  • Jannie (Wes) van der Westhuizen – Founder, CEO & Forensic Science Consultant
  • David Lekota–Chairman
  • Lucas Visser – Operational Director & Forensic Science Consultant
  • Frans van der Merwe – Training Director & Forensic Science Consultant
  • Tionette van der Westhuizen – Director Management Services
  • Lettie Stander – Director Public Relations
  • Adv Anton Wiid–Director Risk & Compliance
  • Sarel Botha – Private Investigator, Consultant, Accessor and Risk Analyst
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